The smell of burnt food can be overwhelming and difficult to get rid of, lingering in your home long after the initial incident. Whether it’s from a forgotten pan on the stove, an overcooked meal in the oven, or a kitchen mishap, the resulting odour can be unpleasant and even embarrassing.

Not only does it affect the air quality in your home, but it can also leave a negative impression on visitors. Here, we will discuss the science behind the burnt food smell and the natural methods for getting rid of it.

From utilizing baking soda to placing coffee beans, we have listed down 7 effective methods on how to get burnt food smell out of house. We will also talk about the importance of ventilation and using air purifiers to tackle the issue.

How To Get Burnt Food Smell Out Of House

The Science Behind The Smell

Understanding the chemical reactions that occur when food burns can help us comprehend the science behind the smell of burnt food. When food burns, compounds are formed that are responsible for the unpleasant odour. These compounds can linger and cause unwanted odours in our homes.

Properly cleaning surfaces to remove burnt residue is crucial in eliminating the source of the burnt smell. Additionally, ventilation plays a significant role in dissipating the smell of burnt food by circulating fresh air. By understanding the science behind the smell, we can utilize home remedies and common household items like lemon water, vinegar water, or simmer pots to combat the burnt odour.

7 Natural Methods For How To Get Burnt Food Smell Out Of House

7 Natural Methods For How To Get Burnt Food Smell Out Of House

Burnt food refers to food that has been overcooked or exposed to high heat for too long, resulting in a charred or blackened appearance and a bitter or unpleasant taste. This can happen when food is left unattended on the stove or in the oven, causing it to become dry, tough, and inedible.

Dealing with the lingering smell of burnt food in your house can be quite unpleasant. Luckily, several natural methods can help you get rid of this stubborn odour. Here are 7 effective methods on how to get burnt food smell out of house:

1.Utilizing Baking Soda

Utilizing Baking Soda

Utilizing baking soda is a great natural way to tackle the burnt food smell in your house. This common household item is famous for its effectiveness in absorbing odours. Creating a baking soda solution is simple and can be done by mixing it with water in a spray bottle.

The versatility of baking soda is impressive, as it can be used to eliminate various unwanted smells, not just burnt odour. One of the benefits of using baking soda is that it provides long-lasting odour control. So, if you’re looking for an easy and effective way to get rid of the smell of burnt food, baking soda is your best bet.

2.Using Vinegar Solution

One effective method for eliminating burnt food odours is by using a vinegar solution. Vinegar has natural deodorizing properties that can neutralize unpleasant smells. To create the solution, mix vinegar with water in the proper ratio. This mixture can be handy on various surfaces to eliminate odours, making it a versatile and eco-friendly odour remover.

Whether it’s the smell of smoke in the air or the lingering aroma of a burnt pan, vinegar can help tackle the source of the burnt smell. By utilizing common household items like vinegar and water, you can effectively remove unwanted odours without the need for harsh chemicals or professional carpet cleaning.

3.Use An Air Purifier

Use An Air Purifier

One effective method for getting rid of burnt food odours is to use an air purifier. Air purifiers work by purifying indoor air and eliminating smells, including the smell of burnt food. There are different types of air purifiers available that are suitable for odour removal.

It’s important to place the air purifier in the right location and operate it properly for maximum effectiveness. By using an air purifier, you can not only remove the immediately burnt odour but also maintain the fresh indoor air quality in the long term.

4.Remove The Burnt Food

To eliminate the burnt food smell from your house, there are several effective methods you can try. Start by opening windows to allow fresh air circulation and let the stale smell dissipate. Then, use a mixture of warm water and dish soap to clean the affected area, scrubbing thoroughly to remove any remnants of burnt food.

Another option is to scrub with lemon juice, which helps neutralize the burnt smell with its refreshing scent. Additionally, placing bowls of white vinegar around the house can help absorb lingering odours. Finally, running an air purifier will further improve indoor air quality and eliminate any remaining unwanted odours. By following these simple steps and using common household items, you can effectively get rid of the burnt odour in your home.

5.Spread Baking Soda

To tackle the burnt food smell in your house, one effective method is to spread baking soda. This natural deodorizer can neutralize odours and eliminate the unpleasant smell. Sprinkle baking soda on the affected surfaces and leave it overnight to absorb the burnt food odour.

The next day, vacuum or sweep up the baking soda. If needed, you can repeat this process to eliminate the unwanted smell. Baking soda is a safe and commonly available household item that can effectively remove the lingering scent of burnt food from your home.

6.Place Coffee Beans

One effective method for getting rid of the burnt food smell is to place coffee beans around your house. Fill small bowls with coffee grounds and strategically place them in different areas. Coffee beans are famous for their ability to absorb strong smells, including burnt odour.

Allow the coffee beans to sit for a few hours or overnight to maximize their odor-absorbing properties. If the smell persists, dispose of the coffee beans and replace them with fresh ones. This not only helps eliminate unwanted odours but also adds a pleasant coffee aroma to your home.

7.Charcoal Or Activated Carbon

Charcoal Or Activated Carbon

To eliminate the stubborn lingering odours of burnt food, consider using charcoal or activated carbon. Place these odour-absorbing substances in open containers around your home. Let them work their magic for several days, replacing them as needed until the unwanted smell is gone.

Charcoal briquettes and activated carbon are both effective at absorbing odours and can help neutralize the burnt food smell. This method is especially useful when dealing with persistent odours. By utilizing common household items like charcoal or activated carbon, you can tackle the challenge of removing the unpleasant smell caused by burnt food.

How To Use Air Purifiers For Smell Removal

How To Use Air Purifiers For Smell Removal

Regarding getting rid of the burnt food smell in your house, using air purifiers can be a helpful solution. By following these tips, you can effectively use air purifiers to eliminate the lingering burnt food smell from your home and enjoy fresh, clean air once again. Here are some tips for using air purifiers for smell removal:

  • Choose An Air Purifier With Activated Carbon Filters: Activated carbon filters are famous for their ability to absorb and trap odours. Look for an air purifier that specifically mentions odour removal or has activated carbon filters as part of its filtration system.
  • Place The Air Purifier Strategically: To maximize its effectiveness, place the air purifier in the room where the burnt food smell is strongest. Position it in a central location to allow for better airflow and distribution of clean, fresh air.
  • Run The Air Purifier Continuously: For best results, keep the air purifier running continuously until the burnt food smell dissipates. This will ensure that we constantly filter and refresh the air.
  • Clean And Maintain The Air Purifier Regularly: Regular maintenance is important to keep your air purifier functioning optimally. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and replacing filters to ensure efficient odour removal.

Importance Of Ventilation In Removing Burnt Smell

Proper ventilation is crucial when it comes to removing the lingering smell of burnt food from your home. When food burns, it releases smoke and odours that can quickly permeate the air and cling to surfaces.

Opening windows and doors, turning on fans, and using exhaust vents can help to circulate fresh air throughout your home and carry away the unpleasant smell. It’s also important to clean any affected surfaces, such as walls or countertops, as these can trap odours.

Additionally, using odor-absorbing materials like baking soda or activated charcoal can help to neutralize the smell. By prioritizing ventilation and taking proactive steps to remove the burnt food smell, you can restore a fresh and pleasant atmosphere in your home.

How Long Does It Take For The Burnt Smell To Disappear?

The lingering smell of burnt food in your house can be quite unpleasant. How long it takes for the burnt smell to disappear will depend on a few factors, such as the severity of the burn and how well you address the issue. In most cases, with proper ventilation and cleaning, you can expect the burnt smell to dissipate within a couple of days.

Opening windows, using fans, and airing out the affected area can help to speed up the process. Additionally, thoroughly cleaning any surfaces or items that were exposed to burnt food can help to eliminate any residual odour. Using odor-neutralizing products or natural remedies like vinegar or baking soda can also be effective in eliminating stubborn smells.

How To Prevent Burnt Food Smells In The Future

How To Prevent Burnt Food Smells In The Future

Nobody likes the lingering smell of burnt food in their house. To prevent this unpleasant odour from permeating your home in the future. You can minimize the chances of having your home flush with the unwelcome scent of burnt food in the future by following these tips. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Pay Attention While Cooking: One of the most effective ways to prevent burnt food smells is to avoid burning your food in the first place. Make sure to stay attentive and set timers if necessary to avoid overcooking or burning your meals.
  2. Use Proper Ventilation: Opening windows or turning on exhaust fans can help remove odours and improve air circulation while cooking. This can help prevent the smell of burnt food from lingering in your home.
  3. Clean Spills Immediately: If you do accidentally burn something, be sure to clean up any spills or debris as soon as possible. The longer the burnt food remains on surfaces, the more it will contribute to an unpleasant odour.
  4. Simmer Some Vinegar: If you’re dealing with a particularly strong burnt food smell, simmering some vinegar on the stove can help neutralize odours. Just add a small amount of vinegar to a pot of water and let it boil gently for a few minutes.


The lingering smell of burnt food can be quite unpleasant and difficult to get rid of. However, with the right methods and techniques, you can effectively eliminate the odour from your house. Natural remedies such as utilizing baking soda, using a vinegar solution, or placing coffee beans can help absorb the smell.

Additionally, ensuring proper ventilation and utilizing air purifiers can aid in removing the burnt food smell. It’s important to act promptly and address the issue as soon as possible to prevent the smell from spreading further.

By following these methods on how to get the burnt food smell out of the house, you can successfully eliminate the burnt food smell and create a fresh and pleasant environment in your home. We hope you understand how to get burnt food smell out of house.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How Long Does It Take For Burnt Food Smell To Leave The House?

Ans: The duration for the burnt food smell to dissipate depends on factors like burning intensity and house ventilation. It can take anywhere from a few hours to several days for the smell to completely disappear. Open windows, use air purifiers, and place bowls of vinegar or baking soda around the house for effective odour removal. Regular cleaning and airing out your home can prevent lingering smells.

2.How Do You Get The Smoke Smell Out Of A House After Burning Food?

Ans: To eliminate the smoke smell after burning food, open all windows and doors to allow fresh air circulation. Utilize fans or air purifiers to help remove the lingering odour. Clean surfaces with vinegar or baking soda to absorb the smell, and consider using odor-neutralizing sprays or candles to mask any remaining scent.

3.How Do You Get Burnt Smell Out Of Microwave And House?

Ans: To eliminate the burnt smell from a microwave, heat a bowl of water with lemon or vinegar. To get rid of the odour in the house, open windows and doors for fresh air. Air cleaners and deodorizers can also be helpful, along with cleaning surfaces with a baking soda and water mixture.

4.Can Air Fresheners Or Scented Candles Help Get Rid Of The Smell?

Ans: While air fresheners or scented candles can temporarily mask the burnt food smell, it is more effective to address the source of the odour. Natural odour absorbers like baking soda, vinegar, or activated charcoal can eliminate the smell. Proper ventilation and cleaning surfaces can also help remove the burnt food smell.

5.Is There A Specific Type Of Cleaning Product That Works Best On Burnt Food Smells?

Ans: White vinegar and baking soda are effective cleaning solutions for burnt food smells. Air purifiers with HEPA filters can also help remove the lingering odour. Additionally, adding essential oils like lemon or lavender to your cleaning solution can provide a fresh scent.